Retail & Hospitality Design

An overall custom solution

Nowadays physical retailers need to differentiate themselves from their (online) competition by delivering more than just their goods. Consumers merely visit stores for the experience (brand experience and trying out goods), to look for expertise (consultation and knowledge about the products) and for the efficiency of buying (quickness and ease)

The expertise will mostly be provided by the shopkeeper itself, but VMK can support all three of the store functions by delivering custom made interiors.
We are highly capable to design the interior space first and foremost or we can give you essential advice on that.

To support our design we can also deliver:

  • Furniture (hard & soft)
  • Product displays (food/ non food) with optional built-in electronics.
  • Decorations
  • Lighting (functional & decorative)
  • POS Signing & Communication (pricing, service, etc.)
  • Special prints (on textiles, carpets or wallpaper)
  • Premiums
  • Work uniforms

In other words, we deliver a custom overall solution which will enhance the shopping experience, the expertise and the efficiency of your retail store which will then automatically differentiates your store from others.

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