Micasa, home furnishing store

Posted on Mar 21, 2019

Micasa, home furnishing store

Retail devolopment

Micasa is a Swiss home furnishing specialty store that belongs to the Migros Group. VMK Designs is honored and dedicated to continue to support Micasa with its retail developments . The main tasks we do/ did for them:

  • Creating new store layouts for store refits according to the given concept (including light plan).
  • Vizualising various store solutions in 3D in perspective view. (click and move your mouse on this panoramic view)
  • Simulating tours of a store in PC-game format (first person view). This way the retail manager can go on her/ his own PC and (in her/ his own time) walk freely in a new store and review the space.
  • Producing an new store fixture catalogue where all shop fitting furniture that is used today is documented.
  • Developing and providing CAD tools to make the store planning process more efficient.

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