Citrushof, Eindhoven – residential make over

Posted on Aug 25, 2021

Citrushof, Eindhoven – residential make over

A family of 5 moved to this existing villa and they wanted to renovate it. Phase 1 was done a couple of years ago, that included: living room, kitchen, dining and the main bathroom. This project covers Phase 2 which includes: all 5 bedrooms, a new ground floor extension that serves as a quest room, an exterior fresh up and the entrance hall way. The bedrooms all have a ceiling that is partly angled, which makes it challenging to optimize the interior. All furnishings (incl. wall and floor finishes) in the design are actually available in stores at the time of designing. We tell our clients what to find where and for how much. This saves my clients a lot of time and stress to find and collect all the things they need to built this room. Scroll down at the bottom of the page and see project images. First a 360 virtual tour of the result. Click and move your mouse in this 360 panoramic (you can zoom in and out with your mouse wheel):

Exterior – I’ve made a proposal for an exterior fresh up. It was suggested to replace the wooden fence with a glass fence on the balcony, a taller front door with an additional window above it, white bricks (painted), a larger single garage door and various Red cedar paneling replacing the former white paneling.

Entrance – The entrance needed a make over as well. It was proposed to take away the current wardrobe and put a custom built in cabinet underneath the stairs. Also some new home accessories including a row of plants were added.

Master bedroom and walk-in closet – These are two connecting rooms, but only one is accessible from the corridor. The room in the back used to be a storage room. The first room is transformed into a walk in closet: a functional but comfortable room where you can also do some late night work on a laptop if you need to (that was a special request of the client). The former storage room in the back is turned into the actual bed room.

Girl bedroom – This girly girl room is divided by a curtain. Behind the curtain you’ll find the 3-in-1: crafting area/ performing stage or hide-out. On the sofa, mom or dad can read a book to the little girl or from this seat you should be able to watch the princess perform a play on stage.

Boy bedroom – Plenty of storage for this 6 year-old boy who has lots of energy.. plays with cars… is a tad chaotic and likes the color green. The room has a custom built-in wall cabinet. There is a reading/ play corner on one side and a study/ work corner on the opposite side.

Boy bedroom – The parents and oldest son swap rooms. Thus the former master bed room is turned into a boy’s room (10 year old). The boy likes the color turquoise and loves to read. And he is a huge fan of the Amsterdam soccer team. The room features a custom designed goal bed, Ajax wall sticker and concrete look wallpaper.

Guest room – This room is a new addition to the house. As soon as the room is built, the owners are going to use it for guests that are staying over. The guest room includes an en suite (half) bathroom. When there are no guests the room can be used for gaming or as a potential fitness room (incl the possibility to show after). So the room got to be flexible: the two seaters are sofa (single)beds and the coffee tables can be used as night stands.

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