Product Design

2D & 3D sketching, sourcing and product testing

When we design products we think of a product that complies with the business plan or the service in which the product is used. In this context, we are aware that the end-user is not the only user that interacts with the product. In the design process we first recognise all the requirements before we think about solutions. We think about all the things that make up for a good product for instance:

  • User centric design (user interface/ interaction design, user experience design, ergonomics, etc.)
  • Formgiving and design (in relation with its functions)
  • Production techniques (what’s the best way to fabricate and assemble all parts in order to meet the design and the budget)
  • Material selection
  • Distinguish primary functions, secundary functions, add-ons, etc.
  • Brand
  • Product maintenance and disposal

Overall, the design process is always going to be an iterative process of (3D)sketching (ideation), sourcing, and product testing/ evaluation… and a lot of communicating and presenting.

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