About Us

VMK Designs, since 2005

VMK Designs is a design agency specialized in interior design (commercial and residential). Our clients are businesses and private individuals. We act as a consultant or we can realize the entire interior or product and lead the design process from beginning to end. We love designing. We love sketching on a piece of paper or render a realistic 3 dimensional impression of the product. We love the journey as much as the end result.


VMK Designs can offer you a fresh new look for your versatile product. As your external and independent company we strive to come up with something out of the ordinary. During the design process we zoom into detailed product features without losing sight of the overall problem. This is an iterative work process.

VMK Designs is always customer oriented and is able to translate the identity and desires of the customer to a fitting design. The end result is a user friendly solution and should appeal to the user’s senses.


VMK’s mission is to come up with a meaningful and measurable solution to a current problem through beautiful and functional design.